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Подставка под ноутбук GIGABYTE™ G-Pad PRO Aluminium Black

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Подставка под ноутбук GIGABYTE™ G-Pad PRO Aluminium Black



Retractable Feet
Retractable feet for elevationand convenience.
Detachable Fan Piece
Detachable fan piece mountable on any position on the pad.
Detached fan can also be positioned externally.


Foldable design makes it easy to carry and more effective for portability.
Portable Fan Pouch
Pouch for detached multi-purpose fan.
Portable Cooler Pouch
Pouch for folded cooler component.


Model no.GH-GA15A1-FBB
Heat Sink

320 x 240 x 8 mm (expanded)
320 x 240 x 40 mm (elevated)

Application15” Notebook
Weight560g / 1.2 Ib

70 x 70 x 10 mm

Bearing TypeEBR
InputDC 5V
Speed1900 rpm
Acoustic20 dBA



Gigabyte ships the G-Pad Pro in some very elaborate packaging. The sturdy cardboard box has a cloth string on top, which acts as a handle and there is a clear window to view the pad itself. The rear shows the pad and how it is to be used, explaining the functionality with a lot of pictures.

There is a bright orange inner box, which also adds to the sturdyness of the packaging. The G-Pad Pro itself is held in place with black foam, which is quite rugged.


Inside the package you will also find two bags. The smaller one is intended for the included fan, while the larger fits the folded G-Pad Pro. The fan itself ships in a seperate package within the cardboard box. The G-Pad is available in black or silver, while the Pro variant only ships in black.

A Closer Look

The top of the G-Pad Pro is fairly smooth and features small holes to allow for some airflow. The underside is shaped like a flat heatsink, to draw air away from the notebook underside. This means that the G-Pad Pro will act more like a heatspreader when used without the fan.

Gigabyte has constructed the pad so it can be folded, which does make transportation a real possibilty, especially with the included pouch. A clean cut Gigabyte logo can be found on the right part of the unit.

The fan can either be used on the desk, blowing across the notebook or just to cool you, the user. It also has clips to be placed on the underside of the G-Pad Pro to actively cool an area of the pad.

An additional feature of the G-Pad Pro are small, rubber mounted feet, so you can stand the entire unit up and place your notebook on top of it. These feet hold quite well and do not allow the pad to budge on a smooth surface.

For use, just unfold it, raise the feet if needed and place your notebook on top of the unit. After placing the newest generation MacBook Pro on the pad, it becomes apparent that the unit is only meant for notebooks up to 15 inches. The Macbook Pro features a 15.4 inch screen, which makes it slightly too wide for the G-Pad Pro. The only downside of such a size is the fact that the notebook feet do not touch the cooling pad and thus the unit tends to slide around easily once placed on top of the cooling unit.


The most important aspect of cooling pads for notebooks is the ability to draw heat away from the mobile computer. Some companies offer simple fans, which are placed towards the back, under the notebook, while others utilize cloth pads with chemicals to draw out the heat. Gigabyte is taking a traditional approach and offers passive and active cooling.

We use the Macbook Pro, which features 8 sensors. These are quite accurate and can be viewed while any other program is running in OS X. Cinebench is being used to simulate a load on all cores during which the pad heats up and temperatures can be taken. To give the G-Pad Pro time to raise in temperature, the Cinebench run was repeated five times, to simulate longer use under full load. The measurements were taken without the pad, followed by placing the Macbook Pro on the passive and actively cooled G-Pad Pro.

Value & Conclusion

  • The Gigabyte G-Pad Pro will set you back around 30 US Dollars. This is quite the usual price for such a unit.
  • Does lower temperatures
  • Can be used actively and passively
  • USB powered fan included
  • Fan can be used as a desktop fan
  • Solid construction
  • Can be folded for easier transportation
  • Bags for fan and G-Pad included
  • Rear can be raised - increases compfort when typing on notebook
  • Brushed aluminum in black or silver
  • Great packaging
  • Only for 15 inch or smaller notebooks
  • Sharp edges
  • Rather heavy
8.6The Gigabyte G-Pad Pro is a great notebook cooling pad. It should be especially interesting to users who use their notebook at home or in the office a lot, as it greatly increases the comfort. Simply raise the feet in the back and the angle of the notebook is perfect for longer typing sessions. The G-Pad Pro also does cool the notebook, but the differences are not very large. The most dangerous aspect of the pad are its sharp edges, so you better take extra care when handling the rather heavy unit. A drop or bump will leave a mark on your notebook. Gigabyte has also included bags and a fan which also has a stand so it can be used as a ventilator on your desk. There is only so much you can do with a notebook cooler as there is no real thermal interface like the paste used on CPU heatsinks and the G-Pad Pro works well. If you do not need the added fan or the ability to raise the rear, simply go for the normal G-Pad, which features a similar shape without the extras.
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Подставка под ноутбук GIGABYTE™ G-Pad PRO Aluminium Black